NGOs Respond to the Impeachment Initiative of Adjara TV and Radio Director

12 Apr, 2019

With this statement signatory, non-governmental organizations would like to express our strong negative attitude towards the initiative of two members of the Advisory Board of the Adjara Public Broadcaster on the impeachment of Natia Kapanadze, Director of Adjara TV and Radio.

Under Natia Kapanadze’s management, the Adjara TV and Radio has been evaluated by a number of international and local reputable organizations as a free, impartial and progressing institution, operating in an extremely polarized and politicized media environment.

At the moment it is essential to perceive the negative impact that the director’s potential impeachment may have on country’s democratic development and media freedom record. We hope that other members of the Advisory Board will demonstrate pragmatic approach favoring TV channel’s editorial independence.

We are watching carefully the developments at Adjara Television and Radio and it is our sincere hope that the discussions will be public and the society will be given an opportunity to engage in the process.