The media center provided space to report on the process of Presidential election

31 Oct, 2018

On October 28, 2018, Georgians went to the polls for the last direct elections of the President of the country. OSGF partner NGOs have been actively observing the election’s day. OSGF organized the Elections Media Center that provided a space for local NGOs to report on electoral violations. The Media Center hosted more than 25 press briefings by six monitoring NGOs during three days. The briefings have been broadcast live on a Facebook page of the Media Center.

According to NGO monitoring reports the voting process went without severe violations.

As none of the candidates garnered more than half of all valid votes, the elections will go into a runoff. The media center will host press conferences of NGOs monitoring the second round of the elections. The date of the runoff will be known in the upcoming days.

The organizations briefing on election results were: ISFED, GYLA, Transparency International Georgia, Civil Movement- Multinational Georgia, Center for Development and Democracy and Human Rights Center.