Non-governmental organizations: the rights of civil activists must be protected

11 Nov, 2021

The briefing held by the human rights organizations on November 11 concerns the illegal detention of civil activists, the legal proceedings against them, and providing them with legal aid.

Representatives of the organizations spoke about the statistics and general trends of administrative-legal and criminal cases initiated against civil activists in the last few months.

For several months now, with the support of the Open Society Foundations, 5 non-governmental organizations have been implementing a joint project “Legal Aid Network for Activists”, which protects civil activists as well as journalists from repressive measures and illegal persecution of the state and offers them legal support.

The organizations involved in the legal aid project are the Georgian Democracy Initiative, Rights Georgia, the Social Justice Center (formerly EMC), the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, and the Human Rights Center.

As of mid-October, the organizations had provided legal aid to a total of 74 individuals. Of these, 34 cases concerning journalists and activists affected by the July 5 attacks, 11 cases involving illegal wiretaps, 22 cases involving administrative offenses, and 7 other issues.

If you require assistance, call the hotline: 511 139 909