Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association GYLA

GYLA  works to establish the rule of law and protect human rights in all of its projects and activities, both at the individual and institutional levels. With this approach, over years of work.

  • has achieved significant success in human rights protection – both in the domestic courts and at the international level. This is demonstrated by up to three thousand (3,000) successful cases in the various courts of Georgia. Moreover, out of 30 lawsuits submitted to the Constitutional Court, eight (8) have ended successfully. Out of 135 lawsuits submitted to the European Court of Human Rights, eight (8) of these have also ended successfully, while the vast majority remain under consideration.
  • for years has been conducting monitoring within various projects. These relate to a number of spheres: criminal; administrative; evaluation of conditions in prisons and revealing violation of inmates’ rights; property rights and protection of the rights of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). For years, GYLA has been actively working on media issues. We have also implemented a number of anti-corruption projects (for example “The Government of Georgia under the Sun”, “Freedom of Information in Georgia”, “Rehabilitation beyond the Facade”, “Monitoring the Budget Spending”, etc.).
  • has observed and monitored elections in the country for over 15 years.
  • has implemented three particularly high-profile campaigns: “Right to Life”, “Do Not Torture” and “This Affects You”.