Partnership for Human Rights

‘Partnership for Human Rights’ – PHR was founded in 2012. The mission of the organization is the protection of the human rights of persons with disabilities, women, children, elderly persons and of other vulnerable groups; prevention and monitoring of human rights violations on the territory of Georgia.  Harmonization of domestic legal frameworks with international legal principals and standards.

For the achievement of the Statute objectives, the Association encourages  awareness-raising, protection, and observance of the human rights of the persons with disabilities, women, children, elderly persons and other representatives  of vulnerable  groups, through:

1)    Coordination, exchange and dissemination of information in the field of human rights area and within the area of above-mentioned objectives.

2)    Organizing regular conferences and meetings, training and seminars, publishing the brochures and publications, preparing position papers, communicating trough radio and TV media, etc. for strengthening the practice of the ethical norms  in the field of human rights;

3)   Facilitating human rights action by the persons with disabilities, women, children and of other vulnerable groups to help them realize their rights; raising of the legal awareness, providing consultancy and legal aid to these groups.

4)   Organizing events, which promote social integration of the vulnerable groups;

5)   Collaboration and negotiation with the state and private agencies, national and international organization, for improving the human rights protection system in the country;

6)       Collecting and processing information  about human rights status of the representatives  of the vulnerable  groups in the country, creating a statistical data-base and analyzing, issuing relevant recommendations to the responsible agencies;

7)    Collaboration with mass-media, dissemination information of the activities of the society through information channels and the advertising activities.

8)    Creating the regional centers throughout Georgia for implementation of the Association’s objectives and for supporting its activities;

9)   Founding the legal aid centers to provide  legal consulting and legal aid at the court and at other state institutions for the representatives of the vulnerable groups mentioned above;