Union “Sapari” was established in 2011, as a rehabilitation center for victims of domestic violence. The following year “Sapari” opened the first shelter for victims of violence. Shelter provided medical and psychosocial help. Any beneficiary was offered the same kind of assistance.

The Union “Sapari” activities cover not only assistance to victims of violence, but also training of social workers and police officers, awareness raise in society and improvement of the Georgian legislation, in order to eradicate violence and support gender equality.

Since 2013 the mandate of “Sapari” work was expanded. Currently, it works on all types of Women’s rights issues. “Sapari” is actively involved in legislative, advocacy and lobbying activities as well. The organization works not only against domestic violence, violence on women in general and discrimination but also supports the strengthening of women’s political participation.

It should be noted that “Sapari” work was significantly influenced and determined by its co-founder and director (2001-2012) – Natalia Zazashvili. She was the main initiator of the family-centered approach. On the base of this approach, “Sapari” aims to help not only the victims but also those violators who are willing to control their aggressive behavior.