Human Rights

A human rights-based Justice System is essential for government accountability at every level. Our strategy focuses on accountability for grave crimes and the protection of fundamental rights. We channel our efforts into combating torture and ill-treatment, actively work on pre-trial justice and liberalization of criminal justice policy, and institutional reforms in the justice sector.

Throughout the next years, for effective elimination and prevention of torture and ill-treatment in prisons and police stations, the Foundation will focus on the development and monitoring of newly established independent investigative bodies and increasing public oversight of closed institutions.

Along with partner NGOs and grant-making, the Foundation will focus on transparency and accountability of law enforcement agencies and the development of parliamentary oversight mechanisms on law enforcement agencies. The Foundation will continue advocating for legislative amendments and prevent the malpractice of illegal secret surveillance.

The Foundation will support initiatives and innovative ideas, that will focus on raising public awareness of human rights issues, including relations with police officers, rights during detention, rights during drug testing, bullying, etc.

Beyond the grant-making, the Foundation will gather various groups around a cause under its priority areas and strengthen coalitions.

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