In order to prevent the spread of the infection and to mitigate its effects, for the next three months the priority will be given to those projects within the framework of the Foundation’s strategy that can be implemented remotely and taking into account the current circumstances. At the same time, the Foundation is also considering initiatives aimed at prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and alleviation of its adverse effects.


Program Strategy

Quality independent media plays a crucial role in ensuring government transparency and accountability as well as in empowering vulnerable and marginalized groups through awareness-raising and exposing government abuses. OSGF aims at empowering public interest and political influence free media in order to make quality journalism accessible for citizens.

In 2019 and upcoming years the Foundation’s Media Program will continue its work to strengthen independent media by supporting journalistic teams who consistently scrutinize government policies, criticize poor governance, push for reforms and transparency, and stand for human liberties and democratic values.  The Foundation will support investigative journalism, news and analytics portals, opinions and blogs, fact-checking outlets in the capital and the regions who have made the biggest impact on the communities in 2017-2018 years.

OSGF will continue to assist its partner media to improve management practices and boost sales capacity through training and consultancy.

In the upcoming years, the foundation will further enhance its support for journalistic endeavors in ethnic minority communities and encourage initiatives of producing fresh and authentic local content in minority languages. This should take the form of compelling narratives on social, economic, and political issues within the community and across the country.

The Foundation will keep on advocating for media freedom in partnership with Media Advocacy Coalition and other civil actors.

Other programs:

Public Health
Participatory Democracy
EU Integration
National Integration
Human Rights