National Integration

In order to prevent the spread of the infection and to mitigate its effects, for the next three months the priority will be given to those projects within the framework of the Foundation’s strategy that can be implemented remotely and taking into account the current circumstances. At the same time, the Foundation is also considering initiatives aimed at prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and alleviation of its adverse effects.


Program Strategy

National Integration program aims to support emerging minority leaders in protecting their rights and influencing the government to use tools available to combat inequality and exclusion.

In order to increase minority citizens’ participation in policy making process and protection of their rights, OSGF will work with civil society enabling them to initiate changes. OSGF will give particular attention to the emergence of new leaders and empowerment of minority youth and women who display motivation to become significant actors in the process of change. However, strengthening minority CSO leaders and activists will not result in sustainable activism unless legal, institutional and financial framework is favorable.  Therefore, OSGF will closely monitor and address the enabling environment, and initiate activities to trigger positive policy developments. OSGF will work towards enhancing public understanding of minority and immigrants’ culture and issues through education and various media products to overcome the prejudice and mistrust. OSGF will ensure that issues of minority groups receive heightened public attention and stronger protection against groups promoting intolerant and exclusive rhetoric due to the improved media coverage.  OSGF will exercise a high level of agency in this area of work and use variety of tools to advance this concept, including advocacy, small grants, research and analysis, capacity building and consultations.

Areas of work:

  • Promoting research and learning
  • Local and national policy development
  • Reducing risks of radicalization and extremism
  • Increased participation of minorities in political and social lives
  • Ethnic minority leaders’ empowerment
  • Minority women’s access to justice
  • Public awareness raising

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National Integration