Public health

In order to prevent the spread of the infection and to mitigate its effects, for the next three months the priority will be given to those projects within the framework of the Foundation’s strategy that can be implemented remotely and taking into account the current circumstances. At the same time, the Foundation is also considering initiatives aimed at prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and alleviation of its adverse effects.


Program Strategy

Contribution to advancement of health and human rights by increasing participation of marginalized groups in decision-making and enhancing transparency & accountability of authorities towards health and social issues is the major goal of Public Health program of Open Society Georgia Foundation.

From 2019 through next years, through partnership and grant making the Foundation’s Public Health program will focus on increasing access to quality health care for marginalized groups, advocating for improvement of pain management system, development of community based mental health services, protection of patients’ rights, advocating for endorsement of humane and health centered drug policy, advancing early intervention and inclusive education agenda by providing technical inputs and empowering stakeholders; establishing inclusive policy priority access to quality services for the most disadvantaged children with severe developmental delays and challenging behaviors.

The Foundation will employ bottom-up approach of empowering grassroot organizations, including self-advocates, patients’ and parents’ associations to act on behalf of voiceless peers to protect their rights and influence the government to bring about positive changes.

The Foundation will focus on enhancing accountability of the Georgian authorities to fully harmonize national legislation with the UN CRPD; Set obligation for the collection of appropriate statistical information on people with disabilities.

The Foundation will support innovative advocacy initiatives for policy change to ensure friendly environment of public spaces for people with disabilities, including infrastructure and transport. Monitor implementation of governmental decree on “technical regulations for architectural and spatial planning” for persons with disabilities. The program will encourage active participation of persons with disabilities in decision making and social life; Contribute to raising public awareness on disability issues via storytelling and innovative social media campaigns.

OSGF’s Public Health program will continue to act as a bridge between different constituencies such as community, policy-makers, academics, scientists, state institutions and citizens. The Foundation’s public health program will continue fund raising for the first Children’s Hospice in Georgia.

The short video reflects on Public Health program priorities, partnership and grant opportunities.

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